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Born and raised in Florida by a Mom with a keen eye for fashion and an amazingly artistic Dad that couldn't say no to any animal that showed up on our doorstep, led me to be the sun soaking, thrift loving, art inspired, nature exploring girl that I am today.

I am married to the most loving and patient man God could have ever given me and I love doing life with him. We have one fur child whom we you can find us cuddling with often!

I have one sibling, a brother who always makes me laugh and is killing it in college in his art classes. 

I have been given the amazing gift of freezing time and My wish is to capture the beauty that makes up your life.

The little moments are the ones that we often forget, but they are the ones that make up our lives and the ones we should cherish the most. My hope is to capture those little moments and bottle them up for you to look back on and share perpetually.

Let's collect moments, not things. ❤️ Jessica