Santa Marta, Colombia

Orlando Lifestyle Photographer  | Travel Photography

This was a trip that my husband and I talked about many times and for many years, but it wasn't until last summer that we traded our words for an airline ticket...I was FINALLY going to COLOMBIA! My husband was born in Cali and although this visit didn't include his hometown, I'm not too sad about it because that just means we have to go back!

For months we planned our trip and devised a plan to surprise his parents and his brother as well as met up with his sister and her family as they arrived a few days before us. We accomplished just that, Lubin's parents opened their apartment door one day and poof there we were. To say everyone was excited would be an understatement. You see not only was this my first time in Colombia, but it was the first time his parents and siblings had all been together under one roof in 19 years! This is something I cannot even fathom, although his family talks daily via computer, we all know that's just not the same. The hugs, oh the hugs!! 

So there we were, one big happy family, ready to explore and enjoy each others presence. Lubin's brother, Jota was our tour guide the entire time we were there. He took us to the markets, on the buses, to the beaches (we went to a different beach almost every day), out to eat, to the local bakeries (this was my thing almost every morning), to watch the local people sing and dance and of course a little shopping. I just loved everything about Colombia, but more than anything I enjoyed watching my husband and his brother be...brothers. Although Jota and I speak on the phone and text I had never actually met my brother-in-law , nor had I ever seen the two of them interact together. This trip brought us all so much joy and it gave me memories that I never ever want to forget.