Clearwater Beach Family Portraits

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Allow me to introduce you to Tess. She's a loving, smart, funny, God loving; mother, wife, daughter, friend and sister. You wouldn't know it by looking at her, but the day I took these photos was the day before she started chemo. Tess tackles all things that come her way with a warm heart and smile and she's tackling cancer just the same. Although cancer, chemo, hair loss and the overall weakness that comes with being sick has brought it's challenges, she has the most beautiful faith in God. A faith that cannot be denied by anyone whose had the pleasure of crossing paths with her, and it's evident God is carrying her through this chapter in her life. Between her sweet kids, hard working husband, support of friends and family, daily prayers, zest for life and her strong relationship with our one and only creator. Tess is not only accepting her cancer, she's looking at every obstacle as a challenge and giving it a positive. Tess admits cancer sucks, who could deny that. But her outlook on her current circumstance and all of the beautiful stories she has to share about all the ways God has revealed himself is something that can only be provided by an almighty one. 

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