Utah Road Trip

Orlando Lifestyle Photographer  | Travel Photography

For the past 3 years we've packed our bags and traveled somewhere new with friends. Together we've...sweat, stood in awe as we took in our surroundings, stayed in questionable locations, slept under the stars, learned to either ignore or completely embarrass the person carrying "the shovel", got slightly lost, packed-unpacked-packed-unpacked, hiked up and down mountains, hopped through rivers & streams, splashed in the water, watched wildlife in it's natural habitat, crammed as much as we could into a vehicle and then questioned why we had so much each time we had to get out of the vehicle, snacked and snacked some more, ate over countless campfires, gathered our water from the nearest water source, woke up early to watch the sunrise, nearly froze to death (that's by a Floridians standards) and created yet again, memories that will last a lifetime! 

Thank you for being so beautiful Utah and for allowing us to explore your beautiful wonders!