St Johns Rivership Co.-Sanford, FL


Orlando Photographer | Orlando Commercial Photographer

Growing up in Sanford I've watched countless times as the Barbara Lee Ship came in and out of port, but I am a little reluctant to admit that before being asked to photograph the ship and it's guests...I had never stepped foot on it. GASP! I know, I can't believe it myself. Fun Fact: Both the Barbara-Lee and I were born in 1986!

I really enjoyed capturing the guests and the staff that cruised along the St. Johns on the Barbara-Lee, everyone was incredibly nice and the ride itself was very peaceful, but the highlight THE STICKY BUNS!! Never in my life have I had something so addicting. The recipe is a family recipe and they are beyond delicious, I hope they sell them soon in one of the local stores because I could use a sticky bun fix. Thank you to the amazing staff aboard the Barbara-Lee you are all incredible! 

Jessica McCarty-Carvajal