Sanford Food Tours


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If you love food, history and a nice stroll then you'll love Sanford Food Tours. Steve lead us up and down the streets of Sanford all the while filling us in on some pretty interesting facts on Downtown Sanford, there were a few that were even new to me. We stopped in to some of the restaurants that were on the tours current list, but with the tour being updated with new restaurants every now and again it's a delicious tour that you can definitely take more than once.

This specific tour included a brief peek at the vintage vault at Wells Fargo; The Tennessee Truffle (one of my faves) where we devoured our biscuits and gravy and carrot soup; Watch in amazement as an authentic German apple strudel was made in front of us...Holy Apples Batman and then got to taste it for ourselves at Hollerbach's Magnolia Square Market; Listened as Angel from Dreamy cakes filled us in on each detail for our lunch and sweet treat from Dreamy Cakes; Ate a few slices of homemade pizza and learned a thing or two more about the making of Greg's distinct beers at Wop's Hops microbrewery and then last but not least we had a delicious cup of Ice Cream and tasted some of the most unique flavors we've ever had when it comes to marshmallows at Wondermade. We were the best way possible, on both knowledge and delicious food. 

Jessica McCarty-Carvajal