Support Local Photoshoot


Orlando Photographer | Orlando Portrait Photographer

Owning a small business is hard, I know. I may not have a storefront, but I understand what it means to work 60+ hours to make you business work. I know what it means to market, making sure your clients are satisfied, keeping things new and exciting, to be the accountant, answer emails, answer the phone, set up appointments, follow up with potential clients,  order merchandise, the list goes on and on. It's tough, but it's also both rewarding and fulfilling. I love what I do and when I chat with other local businesses they say the same. The things is people looking in from the outside think owning your own business is all fun, it's a lot of work folks! That is why I am such a BIG support local/shop small supporter, when you shop at your local businesses you're supporting a dream, and the family that is behind that dream. 

For these reasons, and so many more, I wanted to create a fun photoshoot as way to show we support our local businesses and to get the word out about others supporting their local businesses.

 This is America, where “DREAMS COME TRUE” – let’s help make those dreams come true and show our local small businesses some serious LOVE!

Don't forget November 25th, 2017 is Shop Small Saturday!