May Family Lifestyle Session

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Love, Family, Happiness these are all things God could have simply left out of our lives, but he didn't. He blesses us with people that love and care for us and want to spend the simplest of moments with us. And those, those are the moments that if you are lucky enough to share with someone you should consider yourself blessed. Making breakfast, sharing a laugh, a look, a touch; those are things that I want to hold closest to my heart, those are the things that I'll one day miss the most. And that is why I love capturing these moments, we all have a story of our own and I love more than anything to capture if only a tiny a glimpse of others story so that they can one day look back a relive those very moments that I was able to freeze in time forever.

Thank you May family for allowing me to come into your home and capture the love which God has blessed you with.Β <3