The Face of Sanford365


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Meet Claudia Mundlos, lover of all things German and Sanford. Claudia is the founder of the popular blog, Sanford365 and in celebration of her blog turning 8 this weekend, I thought I'd share a little about her and her love of Sanford.

 It was almost two years ago that we sat across from each other for the first time chatting about our lives and what it meant to Claudia to live, work and play in Sanford. It was then that I decided I wanted to be a part of this, this being her popular blog Sanford365. I've had the opportunity to meet, taste and explore all new places thanks to Claudia and her blog. I love watching her passion for Sanford and the people in it. Her big heart yearns to make everyone aware of all the small businesses that line the streets of downtown. I've learned so much and still sit in awe as I watch her work every single day to make her blog work and the most amazing part is that she doesn't make a dime and does it all on her own time (which is limited by the way, with a family of her own, running her real estate business with her husband and attending to her busy social life), but she does it and does it beautifully and full of love. If that's not a heart for Sanford then I don't know what is. 

Thank you Claudia for being a vital part of Sanford and for going about every day with a smile on your face!