Mommy Lovin'


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The love of a Mother is like no other and as we grow older we realize just how true that is. Mom's give us the world (Daddy's too), they put their lives on hold and put us first. The little things that may have gone unnoticed as a child turn into the things that make us love our Mom's that much more.

As we grow and life shifts, we become adults and look at our Mothers in a completely different light. An ethereal kind of light because Mom's are like no other, they kiss our boo boo's when we've taken a fall, they read us our favorite stories over and over again, they encourage our little imaginations and give us everlasting love.

These are the things that I see my cousin showing her sweet girls and the giggles and smiles on their faces show that they are aware of this love. I had a wonderful time capturing all the snuggles, laughter and princess talk that comes with little girls.

Take a moment to tell your Mom just how much you appreciate her.